'In the Wind - Sensing the Location Now' collective exhibition 20.5.-13.6.2021


The three-week-event will include the main exhibition, performances and discussions. It is also a part of both Mari Martin's and Marjatta Oja's artistic research postdoc projects in Uniarts Helsinki and of the Art Fair Finland - contemporary art festival.
The exhibition is open Wed-Sat 12-18, Sun 12-17, Mon-Tue closed.

Details, changes and notifications regarding this event will be informed in Facebook.

The works of art of the collective exhibition

  • Breath of the Land, a local situational sculpture by Marjatta Oja
  • Cities on the Move, drawing project, welcome to be drawn by Riikka Kevo
  • In the Wind, multimedia piece by Leena and Oula A. Valkeapää (duration about 6 min.)
  • On the Streets, private & joint guided city walks by Mari Martin


Saturday 29 May

We will be discussing movement and change with our guests, the two co-operatives of Myymälä2, visual artist Egle Oddo & composer-researcher-artist Timo Tuhkanen as well as cultural producer & radio reporter for new music Liisa Nassir Tolonen. On-line Stockholm: DJ Liisa Nassir Tolonen plays music. The discussion will be in English.

Friday 11 June

The topics for the discussion will be artistic research, the 'In the Wind-Sensing the Location Now' exhibition and new forms of art. Our guest will be the Vice Rector of University of the Arts Helsinki and visual artist Jaana Erkkilä-Hill.

Become a model and take part in a work of art

Take part in the art work 'Cities On the Move' by artist Riikka Kevo. You can become a figure drawing model and participate in an interview. The duration will vary from 15 minutes to an hour. If you are in a hurry, Kevo can take some photos or a short video of you and draw your picture later. In this way you may become a part of our 'In the Wind - Sensing the Location Now' exhibition.

Because of the pandemic, only one person at a time can participate.

The schedule for figure drawing

Fri-Sat 21 and 22 May at 1PM - 4PM, welcome to be drawn, languages FI, EN, SE

Thu-Fri 27 and 28 May at 1PM - 4PM, welcome to be drawn, languages FI, EN, SE

Thu 10 June at 1PM - 3PM, welcome to be drawn, languages FI, EN, SE

Registration for figure drawing

Registrations by email: kevoriikka@gmail.com. In connection with the registration, we can discuss more about the project and set all the details.

Guided city walks

Take a guided city walk as part of the 'On the Streets' project. The duration of the walk is 1-2 hours.

Registrations by e-mail: mari.martin@uniarts.fi. After the registration, you will receive instructions for participation as well as information on the data protection and other information about the research.

Joint walks

Max 5 participants (if the pandemic situation allows):

Wed 26 May at 4PM, in Finnish

Wed 2 June at 4PM, in English

Private walks

The private walks for one participant at the time will take place between 20 May and 13 June. Please contact artist Mari Martin in order to find a suitable date and time. Languages for the walk are Finnish and English.

The artists of the collective exhibition

Riikka Kevo

Kevo works with visual arts but has also experienced the world of different cultural movements, economical geography, green ideology, future scenarios, and climate change in different countries. Kevo organizes exhibitions and events, does research and works with different people in her fields. Kevo uses drawing, painting, photographing, and installations as her ways of artistic expression. Serialism is typical for her.

In 2012, Kevo organized the 1700 sqm BLOMart -art exhibition for Turku Fair Centre. She studied cultural project management in Stockholm University and worked for the Stockholm Supermarket -art festival. In 2020 Kevo worked as a producer for the Stockfors Art Festival -art exhibition (artistic management and curating Aarno Rankka and Jyrki Riekki).

Cities On the Move is focusing on the rising global seabeds influencing both the future of urban development, and the lives and environments of hundreds of millions of people. Kevo aims to open discussion about some important aspects of climate change, like rising waters, moving cities and migration.

Mari Martin

Martin is a live-artist and has a doctor's degree in theatre art (University of the Arts Helsinki, 2014). She is also a visiting scholar at the Centre for Artistic Research CfAR (University of the Arts Helsinki).
Martin is currently working on her artistic post doc research project: Artistic Dialogue with the Urban Environment(2014-2021). In her project she has worked together with artists from different fields in different contexts. The sub projects: 1) Work related to the Black Stone Park (Mustankivenpuisto) in Vuosaari, Helsinki (2014-2016), 2) membership in Ajauksia artist group (2018-) and the participation in the Research Pavilion #3 project (2018-2019).
On the Streets as part of in The Wind exhibition is the final artistic project of the ongoing post doc project. In it Martin is focusing on the social aspects of the urban environment. She explores how an urban environment can become a partner in artistic dialogue and how it shapes us.

Marjatta Oja

Oja is a visual artist and Doctor of Fine Arts DFA (University of the Arts Helsinki 2011). Oja has collaborated with other artists and researchers in art events like the Aurinkogeneraattori 2013 in Porvoo and the Local Energy-exhibition&event in 2013, where artists, designers and scholars showed ecologically critical works and thoughts to the public. Her newest collaboration is the Coast Guard Girrls - project which was created for the Manifesta13 international artfestival together with Riikka Kevo.
The project handles subjects like activism in different occurrences such as the rising of sea levels, movement of people between countries, new ways of communication and a deep local and personal understanding of our surroundings.
Ojas post doc research is also affiliated on the Academy of Visual Arts in Helsinki. The research project Taiteilija-aktivisti post-fossilisessa murroksessa (2018-) handles the possibilities of influence by artists. The most recent a peer reviewed article Pienenergia, arkisto ja uusi aktivismi was published 8.3.2021.

Leena and Oula A. Valkeapää

Leena and Oula A. Valkeapää live and work in the area of Käsivarsi, in Lapland, in surroundings where Oula A. grew up and still lives by his Saami heritage. Leena Valkeapää was working mostly as an environmental artist before moving from Turku up north. In her doctoral thesis of art, Luonnossa: vuoropuhelua Nils-Aslak Valkeapään tuotannon kanssa (In Nature: a dialogue with the works of Nils-Aslak Valkeapää) (2011), Leena Valkeapää began her artistic collaboration together with her husband Oula A.
Leena Valkeapää was granted the 2021 Taike's multi-art grant and is a supporter by the Past Present Sustainability research project, which is led by Jussi T. Eronen and funded by Kone Foundation. She also mentors at the Ars Bioarctica residence, which is supported by the Finnish Society of Bioart and is located in Kilpisjärvi at their biological research centre.